today was a beautiful day
today was an okay day
okay today was a beautiful day
when your okay days are
so small and your beautiful days
so very large, sometimes you
have a hard time telling the difference
a beautiful day is one where no matter
what color the sky is you see a deep blue
with the stars swimming in betweent the clouds
a beautiful day is a day where
the night falls so quietly
that your body finds it's rhythm
a beautiful day is when
you can follow the road maps
you've carved into your skin
and not feel ashamed
a beautiful day is feeling
the full range of emotion
but at peace
now an okay day has
it's perks too
it's the breath you take
before you jump
into what hopefully will be
a safe place, but an okay day
doesn't guarantee that
sometimes it's dark when you jump
sometimes the road maps are redrawn
so you can't read them just yet
but no matter what
at least you jumped
at least you flew
at least for a bit.