i know you don't believe but..

i'll pray for you

as a dedicated agnostic
i get this enough
enough that I have four or five scrips
depending on the preacher

one: you get the dedicated, passionate preacher
who follow the law and feels he's entitled
to preach to you.

two: the average religious folks who believe
but they dance around the subject by talking
about the power of prayer

forth you get the psychopath who's willing to risk everything to
prove his side of the story. They are right and you are wrong.
ignore them.

But there has to be another way, accepting prayers as an agnostic is something that I keep near and dear to my heart. The person is offering me the highest form of thoughtfulness that they can come up with. I'm going through an incredibly hard time. One that without some support I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to take it on on my own. It's the same old scene though, people are there for you as long as it's convenient to them. I find friends fade, they get bored or distracted or they just don't know how to be supportive anymore. 

I always accept prayers, the power of belief is one that is beautiful and magnificent, whether it's the universe or God or Allah or Buddha, prayer is beautiful and just because I don't believe it doesn't mean I don't appreciate the sentiment. 

So i'll take all you've got. Prayers, thoughts, good vibes. I certainly could use it.