Adventures in Podcasting

So I have some pretty awesome news that we've been keeping under wraps up until now. For the past few months Alan Glucksman and I have been working hard on interviewing all sorts of artists for a podcast, and we are pretty proud of what has come of it. Everyone has been a really great sport, and although we're a little behind on when we wanted to launch, but we're going to launch this weekend! Exciting right? 

If you like some wacky things, and some in depth interviews with artists you may have heard of, or some artists you might not have heard of this is the podcast for you! 

Also if you are an artist who would be interested in coming on and talking with us for about 45 minutes please e-mail me at with the subject line Podcast. We welcome all sorts of visual artists, musicians and writers. Also if you know anyone who would be interested in coming on feel free to send the information their way!

Also I would like to make a special shoutout to Craig Peters, who has been helping us produce and work with the sound equipment, we couldn't do it without you friend!

More info to come both through this page, and though the hosting site that we choose.