I used to be afraid to say "I love you", to my friends, to my family, to pretty much anyone who is important in my life. I was recently taught a lesson about love that was reinforced by a beautiful wedding ceremony I had the honor of attending on Saturday. The lesson and the details are not important, those are other people's stories, and this one is my own. I spent a long amount of time wishing that someone would love me, wishing I could find someone that fills the space that many people who are in love tell you is filled when you find that perfect person. However, love is a two way street, and if I am too afraid to say it to people l've spent my whole life with how can I ever find it elsewhere? More importantly (and infinitely more cheesy), how can I love when I still need to learn to love myself. 

For this post, it will be short, because I'm still exploring this side of me, I've had an incredibly rough go of it the last couple of months, but I'm hoping to turn a corner soon, hoping to be able to open myself up to that love again. That beautiful friendship, that familial relationship, and then maybe someday this cynic will find someone special, although I'm not counting on that. I don't believe I need to be "completed" I believe the other person should bring out the best in you and pick up the slack when you can't do it yourself, and vice versa. 

And on top of all of that, with the state of the world right now, we need a little more love and a little less fear. So I'm taking that step a little more love expressed, and a little less fear.