I went flyin' outta my window, I went flyin' out of my window
got caught doing it once or twice
but it feels so real nice
yeah it feels so real nice
-Regina Spektor

some days i fly so close
i feel my skin burn, 
it's that good burning you know? 
the kind that's so hot it's cold. 
some days i'm flying and i really have no place to land
so i circle these towns that have names
that are familiar
but faces that don't thrill you.
but you really don't want to let me in anyway will ya?
most days i fly low whispering her name
like the sin that we are, but the sin is
so much better than the reward for not doing so
i lost myself in the ocean once waiting
to start breathing but i remembered
the oxygen has to keep my heart beating
i flew through the top as my soul dragged behind
but once the air hit my lungs
i knew i had won
sin or not we were beautiful
and we had flown so close to the sun
we nursed our sore backs we thought
of the sun and the sea and we knew
soon as sunset we could no longer be we
so off we would run after leaving a kiss on each hand
for tomorrow we can fly again and then land