Noble, Joy

my name is Brianne
the feminine of Brian
which according to Irish legend
means noble, hill, high up
my middle name is Joy
Noble, Joy my parents had big plans for me
big plans. 
some days i don't think my plans line up
Noble is such a hard word
planting yourself far above the rest of the world
Noble is such a respected word
for a girl who writes her secrets
in ink, blood, and zeros and ones
Noble is such a powerful word
for a girl who slouches and shies
away from strangers' eyes
but Noble comes with the strength
to not only choose, but fight your battles
battles where we don't have to win every time
but we still have to fight
joy is such a jubilant word
for a girl who likes the episodes
of trashy TV drama's best
when her favorite characters are
in danger
Joy is such a simple word
for a girl who likes black
and fancies herself an artist
Joy is such a difficult achievement
for a girl who battles with her insides a lot
but Joy is such a reward, such a beautiful
amazing word that should be used sparingly
like a well placed curse word
or a compliment at the exact right time
Joy is power, it is love, and it is my Name.