one night, not too long ago
but not long enough ago for it to be a thing
ya know?
i felt knives behind my eyes
resting there, not piercing
the membrane
not causing any pain
but i knew they were there
i was told it would never go away
but i would have to keep
my brain at rest
i knew how patient it could be too
steady always, except when it's not
and then no one wants to
get in my way and by then
it's too late anyway
then i met you
and as you wrapped me in your arms
you looked into my eyes
and you saw the knives
you told me they were fire
you told me they were power
you told me my body
does not want to hurt me
if i embrace it
you said hey, how many
people can say "their eyes can pierce your soul"
the lines next to my eyes crinkled for the
first time in forever, knowing that next time,
i might be prepared