How to Tell if Something is Done...Or Not

Once again I don't know where I'm going with this, which I think should be a sign of some sort that maybe it's okay not to know. That's the feeling I'm getting as I write these very words for you. I think I haven't had solid themes for a few days is because my brain is still adjusting to the cruel world of New Jersey (I kid NJ is a lovely state but we cannot call our people patient). My muse is just into making me work for it by free writing for a bit until I figure out out. Which is pretty fucking boring if you ask me. However I frequently have an insight during this process so I suppose the muse is right and I owe her some green tea ice cream.

I've already written about artists block, which would make sense to pair with the mad rantings of a lunatic in the paragraph above. I guess I'm going to go with how do you know your work is done? 

Yep, that's the question that came to mind and the answer is I have no goddamn clue. I guess it feels done when you see it hanging up in a gallery or museum, or your moms refrigerator. But not all of us have fridge space to hang our kind of scary work on. So when is it done? Maybe when you're tired of tweaking it. Maybe you go over it once and it's done. Maybe you have your roommate finish it because you just don't like drawing class. The work is done when it feels done, and feeling done now might be different to feeling done in five years. That's kind of the beauty of making work you can always change and evolve it, and people who complain might not like it, but you can say with confidence I'm the artist. No one can question that.