Dear Depression

don't leave
i'll dance for you again tonight
i'll hold your hand a little longer tonight
i'll leave my bed for you tonight
it's only been two days
the memory foam has memorized
my curves, even the new ones
reaching deeper than ever before
i haven't eaten
my hair is sticking to my forehead
and there are water bottles
piled behind my pillow
but I'll get up to perform for you tonight
you can take my heart
and leave the rest of me here
in the dark, it's where my head
works best anyway
it's where I get to feel new sensations
like the tugging
from when you pushed my hand too hard
i mean i slipped
i'm sorry
i didn't mean it
come back
i'll sing for you tonight
we can spend tomorrow in bed
let me back in
it's dark out here
it's quiet
it's safe
it's unfamiliar
take me back


the previous was about an unhealthy codependent relationship with depression! i am in no way encouraging or glamorizing this relationship! there are exclamation points for clarity! continue on with your day! i can't believe people can't just write stuff anymore!