the room

there was a boy in a room
a room so large
that if you yelled to someone
from one side
it would take a day and a half
to get to the other
the echoes so intense
that the message would be
in pieces

there was a woman in that room
all the way on the other side
she told a story to the boy
in hopes he would get the whole thing

she wasn't even sure
the boy existed
but she was told
long ago he was lonely
so she thought her
story might comfort him

the boy stood strong
each day
patiently waiting for a time
when the echoes would stop
so he could respond
but entranced by the story
and he dared not to interrupt

there was a train in that room
that left from each side
once a day
neither got on
the risk of oblivion
too much for either to take

there was an adventure on that train