Out of Control

I've had kind of a rough week, I'm feeling much better now, but that's why the posts have been so sparse. I'm back on my shaky legs with a real theme today, I can't really promise coherence though. 

Today I'd like to talk about control and how feeling in/out of control has affected my art. 

Most artists I know are control freaks, some may be more subtle about it, but for the most part my friends who are artists are not going to lay back and let things come to them. One of the positive things about that is the artists I know are incredibly hard working because of this.

 I know in my work I always reach the "I'm doing this all on my own and no one can tell me otherwise" point. That's usually the point where that series is at it's worst, and I usually come out of it directly into a "I have to find someone to talk about this with" stage. However I do spend a significant amount of time in the first stage, it's hard to give up any amount of control in my work, especially when the thing I am working on is super close to my heart. Here's where I give myself advice that I'm probably not going to follow, but giving up some control in work is almost always a good thing. You don't have to follow the advice that's given to you, but it's always really good to have it in your back pocket just in case it's a better idea than you had. 

For example I had a professor in school who is almost alway right when it comes to technical things about my work. When I was doing my thesis he suggested I switch to a different type of paper, he loved my images, he thought my concept was solid, but he told me to try a glossy paper. I was almost offended, I didn't like glossy paper and this was my project so I wasn't even going to try. I couldn't give up that tiny piece of control just to try the stupid glossy paper. I'm sure you all know where this is going, I tried it after months of telling him no, and ended up loving how it looked. 

Now that was a story about paper which probably isn't a significant problem in most people's lives, but paper choice is important! And so is loosening the reigns every now and then and giving up some control in your work even if it's just for an insignificant amount of time to try the goddamn glossy paper.