Put it in Your Pocket

Today I'm not going to write about art, at least not directly. I've been thinking a lot about how to keep myself sane while I'm trying to navigate trying to find a "real" job and not going back to school for the first time in my short life. I'm currently working a terrible retail job, but a lot of college graduates are in the same place so I'm not going to get into all of that. Today was especially grueling, ten hours straight at a place that doesn't remotely value it's employees, I need the money so at the moment I have no other choice, a 40 hour workweek is a 40 hour workweek (although I shouldn't be qualifying for medicaid if I'm working 40 hours, just throwing that out there).

On these type of days I try to keep hold to my art, the projects I have brewing, the work I truly love, but sometimes the bad outweighs the good. Today was one of those days, at least for the most part, but then this guy came in trying to surprise his daughters with crazy colored hair dye and he was going to dye his hair blue with his son. We got to talking a little bit, sometimes you meet a person for 30 seconds and you know that they get you and when they leave you can't help but smile. This has happened to me at this job one other time, the most recent before today being a girl who was trying to get back into art after being sick for a while. We talked about outside artists, we talked about the living hell retail is, and we parted ways. I find those kind of connections so brief and so rare that I can count them on one hand. 

I don't really believe in an outside force controlling your life, but I do think that sometimes the universe throws you a bone and for lack of a better word wills a person into your life for enough time for you to connect, but no more. Mostly because you don't need any more time, it was just enough to make you smile, or think, or laugh harder than you usually do, and enough that you will always remember that connection. I've decided to work a little harder at keeping those brief conversations close to my heart, put them in my back pocket for a rainy (or angry) day. It's a cheesy overused saying, but life is short, and connection is rare. 

Anyway, thank you strangers who have come into my life for enough time to change my sour mood. I don't think you all get enough credit. I hope your life is as interesting as mine is proving to be. 

Until tomorrow