I don't have a lot to say right now, I guess you could call this a call to action, or at least a return to common decency. I've been very open about this in the past, but I feel that I'm going to have to continue to talk about this regardless of the political climate. 

The Affordable Care Act allowed me to get insurance pretty quickly after being on my college plan for four + years. I understand it's flawed, I understand there are things that need to be adjusted over the years, which by the way is why it's a document that is slowly introducing pieces over the next few years. And if someone can come up with a better plan I will back it 100%.

To be perfectly honest, I can't see myself thriving, living, or even surviving without medication. I will either be reduced to a permanent fixture of my bed, I will be running around in freezing weather with no shoes or a coat, or I might die. That's the reality of the situation. I am not the only one, whether its a severe mental illness, or a chronic condition, cancer, or just yearly checkups. Someones health should not put them into irreversible debt, and the fear of that debt should not prevent someone from seeking healthcare at the detriment of their own health. 

Pulling healthcare from 30 million people in the privacy of a 1:30 am meeting is not okay, without any real plan to replace it. Actually, "not okay" isn't a strong enough word for this, outright irresponsible and fucking outrageous is more accurate.  

This should be something that democrats and republicans are working on together, across the aisle. Healthier, happier citizens, work harder, are able to contribute more to society, and in the end probably will end up being more patriotic and more loyal to this great nation of ours. 

Call your senators. Call your congressmen. Call the white house. March. Make your voice heard.

And remember. They work for us. Our taxes pay their salaries. Our votes keep them in office. Maybe we need to keep reminding them of that.