have you ever thought about going on an adventure?
past the pale thin rock covering a whole different world
you break through into the blood red walls
into a river a little bit warmer than you expected underground
the air is not fresh here, but the designs in the walls look like
roadmaps to places you find yourself longing to visit
you aren't sure how to get there, but you made sacrifices
to get here, so you know it's possible
you wonder what amazements lie deeper and further south
you close your eyes, take a deep breath and smell something metallic
you hope that it might lead you to the places drawn on the road map
you get on a train, rushing through sloshing liquid
your arm hurts a little, the train is moving quickly
you hope it will stop,
you did not uncover this mystery land just to ride a train forever
your arm hurts a little more
the train is slowing, you see pink and yellow mountains
standing there as if ready to welcome you home
your arm still hurts
you begin the climb