Calling for: Psychic, Good Pay.

see, i'm looking for a psychic, 
not a good psychic, 
i don't need to know my future
or anyone's future
i need a psychic that can tell me
24 hours before a car crash
i need a car crash psychic
see if i knew when the car was going to crash
i could plan my weekends with certainty
sorry this weekend i'm stopped in my tracks
at the intersection of prospect and franklin
next weekend though i should have a couple of hours
in between crash one and crash two
i could know when i needed to wash my sheets early
because i'll be on bedrest for the next week and a half
i need a car crash specialist, the one with the mystical
powers to tell me when i won't be leaving my room for a bit
i need a car crash psychic, to tell me when to not get my hopes up
to warn me when the pain level is going to reach 10
i need a car crash psychic so i can start taking risks again
i need a car crash psychic so i know when to breathe