stopped in your tracks (run)

i remember the first time i was stopped in my tracks
before that i only thought it was a thing people said
you know, like "took my breath away", or "it was awesome"
(your lunch is not awesome, the view from mount everest is awesome)
anyway i remember every syllable, every change in intonation
every pause you took to see if i was still walking
i wasn't,
you stumped me that day
my brain had never really gotten there before that second,
it had skirted the outside, but never really drilled its way in there
you laughed
i'm not sure at what, maybe it was the look on my face,
maybe it was because you felt the control you had over me that second
maybe you also thought "stopped in your tracks" was just something people say
i mean come on, we are not a romantic comedy
i learned a lot about you that day
i learned more about myself
i didn't like being inside of something that people just say
it felt like a cage and a cliche and a bad screenplay
my instinct right after being frozen in time
was to run, so i did, 

and i never stopped