there's something lyrical dripping out of your lips
something magical sliding down your neck
it's a tune only he can hear
as he draws closer and closer
his walk almost gliding, beautiful, but his eyes filled with malice
you pull your coat tighter
but you know deep down no amount of fabric
will stop him from seeing your heart
one that hasn't had enough time to grow calluses yet
yet, here you are, shrinking like it should take a woman
years to shrink like that
you are so small the lyrics can't wrap around you anymore
they go floating away
he watches them go
but your magic isn't quite gone yet
and calluses grow fast

for a girl

his eyes may be malice
but yours are fire, and ice
and your bones are titanium
and your tender heart heals
you've climbed every hurdle
your scars have all healed
your fire turns to life
and that life back to lyric
so your walk is lyrical again
one that all can hear
sometimes slowing down to almost nothing
on a especially rainy day
but music nonetheless