Where have you been?

Okay, so no one is actually asking me that, but I like to believe that I had one reader who enjoyed my incoherent ramblings. Where have I been? It's been like 50% wasting my time 40% starting on this new project that takes up any extra time that I might have, and 10% netflix. So I feel like there's a balance in my life? No? You're probably right, balance has never been an easy thing for me, but hey you win some you lose some right? 

My mild disaster of a life aside, I've been working hard on a project about fear which is the overwhelming emotion that anyone halfway conscious is feeling nowadays. We got a brief laugh the other day with the ultimate 45 gaffe, but it seems to have slid right back into crisis mode fairly quickly. Environmental crisis on top of everything else, what a time to be alive.

I've been attempting a 365 project, but as most of you know my dedication to things is truly dictated by my bipolar brain, and even when stable that sucker can do miracles when it comes to talking me out of things. So there will be 365 photos, but it will not be in 365 days. That is my situation I have learned to live and almost love in it so that's what I expect. 

Right now my podcast is on hold, and because that is one of the few things that was bringing me joy in my life, I'm hoping that we can work out something to get it rolling again. So if you're reading this and you know  a place where we can make podcast things happen that would be really wonderful. 

Anyway, that's the update. I'm going to stop promising to post in any sort of schedule because it is obvious I cannot stick to it therefore it is easier to just pop up now and again with a post explaining why I haven't been posting. Isn't that more fun for all of us? 

On a more serious note, I hope all of you are dealing with the rest of our fellow citizens with gentle acceptance, (unless otherwise proven I'm looking at you Richard Spencer). We are all feeling the crisis right now and we all could use a little extra positivity in our lives.