5:36 am

there's something about the light
right before the sun shows her face
the colors are off
sounds are muffled
i awake to a different world
one that is almost my world
one that my memory is foggy
even if just for a minute
one where i can take a deep breath
and forget what will be revealed once
the bright takes over
but you, you the adventurer
always told me you liked the dark
you said your favorite time
it was the only time you felt safe
i felt it too in those early morning hours
where nothing mattered, even if just for a minute
while the day decided what it would be
and you were a blank slate without a yesterday or a tomorrow
when that moment was over, as it was meant to be
i looked at you and asked why does everything disappear for such a short time
you shrugged your shoulders as if to say that is a gift we earned
that moment of peace when the world melts away