sedentary writers block

My voice is gone and I can’t stop coughing it’s the beginning of my once a year horrible upper respiratory infection, they’ve gotten worse since I had whooping cough my last year of college. Vaccinate your kids people, or some sad sack in college will fall asleep on the train and miss their station (or the other millions of things that can go wrong from not vaccinating, but I suppose that’s a different post from a different blogger).

When I have days like today I rarely find myself with inspiration to write, it’s hard when I’ve done nothing but go to therapy and sit in bed, but I needed rest. The past two weeks have been exhausting, but you all know that. I’m much happier at my new place. It feels better and safer and I’m with good people. Also there are cats. Which I’m only now in the end of my 25th year realizing how great cats are. See I promised this wouldn’t be a diary, but that’s what this entry is turning out to be because if I don’t do anything all day I don’t have time to focus and write during my quiet moments. I know that doesn’t exactly work but commuting is prime time for thinking about lots of things. Mostly it’s “holy shit the parkway is a nightmare” but in between those thoughts I get some writing done.

Anyway, I feel like I need a way to ease back into something more focused this week, my mind and body are thrown from what’s happening in the government. Tomorrow the effort will be more I promise. I’ve got the regular 8 am and 5 pm traffic to deal with so I’ll have some time to think on it.