A Sort of Appropriate Reaction

This is day three of opening this up and trying to type something out, we’ll see if it happens. I’ve been sick with pneumonia, and I made the mistake of trying to go back to work yesterday. Bad idea.

I feel pretty much nothing at this point in reference to the shit show that is our country. Angry and tired, but mostly nothing. I would like to thank the cough medicine and low grade fever for taking the edge off this one. That’s pretty bleak. Yet, I feel a sort of appropriate reaction to what feels like a very hard (not surprising) blow to my future and the future of everyone I love. I’m not going to pretend there’s a silver lining on this one, because there isn’t. I hope there will be in a few weeks on Tuesday November 6th, where we vote. Please go to the polls, and bring your friends, and tell them to bring their friends. Please vote.

I’m tired and breathing still kind of hurts. My heart hurts even beneath all the numbness. Today I think we are allowed to feel this pain. We have to step through it and mobilize though, we have to get to the polls.

that is all

take care of yourselves