I’m bored, which means I’m finally feeling better. I want to do things, but I still don’t really have the stamina (got winded unpacking today). At least I can see straight and sort of make thoughts again. I’ve got no sweeping generalizations today, but I do appreciate what a little cleaning can do for my mood. It makes a decent size difference, to declutter, which everyone knows, but of course self awareness does not always mean action on my part. I am so very self aware from years of therapy and art making, but I still don’t make decisions based on all that self awareness. Sometimes I see myself making a bad decision or no decision and I can tell you exactly when it’s going to bite me in the ass later on, yet I still let it happen. I’m working on it. I will probably be perpetually working on it.

This little unplanned vacation from my life was kind of a good thing I think, it’s time to start moving again, and time to start making stuff again.