The Balance Between Burden and Friend

I’ve been thinking a lot about when the line is crossed between being or having a friend and being or having to deal with someone who is an emotional burden when it comes to your relationship, People come to me with things, and it’s an honor to learn people’s stories. I love it, but sometimes I do feel a line is crossed, and I’m never one hundred percent sure how to confront the person, especially if they are a close friend. Sometimes with their issues lining up with mine it becomes too much for this extreme introvert to handle.

That brings me to me, I’m a pretty private person with my struggles (this blog is always written at about past experiences) the present ones, on the other hand I only have a very limited few people that I trust most of it all. I’m extremely grateful for those people, but I always wonder if it’s ever too much, and they’re too polite to tell me.

I guess what I’m getting at is check on those that you lean on. We’re living in a world where our friends are expected to act as therapists, and leaning on each other is so important but so is recognizing when the help you need is more than your friends can give you. Which doesn’t mean they love you any less.