a migraine, some music, and a really bad poem

writing is not coming easy today, I have been hit with the kind of migraine that means I can't exactly see what I'm typing right now, so Mrs. B from Wanaque Elementary School here's how we find out if I actually learned to type. There aren't too many thoughts going through my head right now other than 'ow' and 'don't throw up' so I'm just going to see what comes out. The first week of September is never an easy one for me, but last night I went to see good music with a good friend and if I were running on even one cylinder right now I'd probably talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with a creative crowd in order to create things, but I cannot do that thing so instead here's a bad poem.

it's a strange pain
deep in my head
i'm really really trying
not to rhyme head with dead

This was weak but I'm trying not to apologize for me being me.