There is no Regular Programming

I’m off today, it’s a much needed no people no plans day. I’m getting ready to move again, this is the second time in two and a half months. I’m a little afraid to find out what the stress level is going to hit with less than ninety days in between the two. We shall see. I’m finally out of my crisis week. There’s some food, and there’s enough gas to get me to work. That’s all I can ask for at this point.

On that point, I’d like to thank everyone who donated and shared to this moving expenses disaster, I’m getting so close to my goal and I think without it I would be in, what is at the moment unthinkable trouble. I don’t know what I deserved to have such beautiful, generous, kind people in my life bit I cannot thank you all enough. Hit me up sometime if you ever need some photographs, we can work something fun out.

I suppose the last few days have felt a little more diary entry type posts, I am at the moment of a weird crossroads in my life and to process it here in a “how do I make this palatable” way has been helpful to processing everything. I’d say we’d be back to regular programming soon, but as history has shown us here there is no regular programming. I like to keep my now seven consistent readers on their toes Ya’ll keep me coming back.