future apocalypse survivors

There are a lot of weird not all bad complications in my life right now. Actually some of them are good complications, but it’s making it very difficult to focus on one topic so I guess we’re just going to see where this goes. I was supposed to finish moving today, but I didn’t. I’ll do it tomorrow and I’m okay with that. It’s a more leisurely day anyway Sundays are quite tiring. Weirder people have weirder questions on Sundays for some reason. Also not all bad, but always weird.

I am just so tired, so I’m thinking this might be it for this writing project tonight. I am working on some letters from future apocalypse survivors for a show that I’m involved in, so at least there’s art getting done, even if it is by my very tired hand, and brain that needs the background noise of a show I’ve watched a million times in order to get to the task at hand.

Anyway, see you on the flip side, is not something I say ever.



(also I click baited this shitty entry and I’m so sorry)