Dolls, Storage

Today was my first day driving to work from the new place, it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, longer sure, but what’s another fifteen minutes in the car for some peace of mind. I think one of my roommate’s cats has adopted me (and is also ruining my writing ability by deleting my posts), so now I even get a very enthusiastic greeting when I come home. In fact right now he’s got his paws very close to that escape button, but will not relinquish my keyboard until I stop typing. It’s a nice change, it feels good. I guess I’m a cat person now.

The next couple of weeks are going to be pretty exciting for me. I’m participating in a group show, my first show since my thesis one, which says more about my lack of ability to organize anything than my artistic talent I hope. It’s almost Halloween, the best holiday. I know it’s a month away but we’ve had Halloween decorations since July and we started getting Christmas decorations in August. So my feeling of timing and holidays is a little off. I know I should be listing three things at least but my concentration today has been out the window.

I could write about that, how I can’t focus at the moment, but that would involve focusing on the fact that I can’t focus. There’s been so much change for me in the past six months, the last time this much changed I was going into college, I had just moved, I was working and going to school. This time it’s different of course, I’m not going to college, I just moved twice, and the safety net has been gone for a long long time, and I feel okay. Tired all the time, but that’s pretty much what being an adult is, yes? It shouldn’t be, but that’s a whole different entry.

Anyway I’ve been unpacking two or three boxes a day, and I’m going to do my two or three boxes now. I have one that’s just labeled “Dolls, Storage” so I’m pretty sure that one might be haunted, maybe I should start with it.