A Less Focused Day

It's been a long time since I've had off on Labor Day, I work retail so any holidays off are rare, but I happened to be off today (as in Monday the third, not Labor Day). So I did the thing that we all do when we have a day off, napped, watched TV, and took a short walk. Eventful right? I did not spend hours today contemplating my first line of my entry. In fact I didn't start thinking about it until I cracked open my journal and searched my blankets for my pen. I guess we can add this to the things I'm learning about myself and creating, I need to be doing to be making. Even if "doing" just means the structure of a drive to and from work. Makes sense to me, I am not good at doing nothing it makes me sad, but once I start I have a very hard time stopping. Maybe it's time to start going on those long walks I did for suburban woods. Those were good hours spent wandering. 

Anyway, this has been a less focused entry than yesterday's at least, possibly because of the complete lack of structure in my day. Maybe the posts are a mirror, or maybe it's just a fluke because I fell asleep in the middle of the day. 

Anyway, happy Labor Day. Support Unions. Support workers.