I think I might start giving myself off on Saturdays for this project, I get home too late from work to write anything of substance. We’ll see, if I’ve got something I’ll post it.

I love Sundays. They’ve always been my favorite day of the week, when I was living college I had a “no coursework on Sundays” rule that forced me to finish all my work during the week so I could really have a day off. That didn’t last long once I started commuting to school, but I still tried to reserve the day for quiet events like the darkroom. Now I work Sundays, I still like the day quite a bit, I can get up later because the commute isn’t so bad, I usually only see customers that I like, because no one knows we’re open.

I had a different post about a different thing set up in my mind, but I just didn’t have the energy for that one. I am making my voice heard in a different way a tiny ode to Sunday, the quietest day of the week, even when you’re trapped in a windowless frame shop.