Some Politics Tonight

I'm having a hard time steering away from politics on this one, so here it goes. Yesterday, and this morning I watched the Senate Judiciary Committee's confirmation hearings of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and as the periodic screaming protestors were dragged from the room by capitol police I thought to myself a thing I think a lot now-a-days "we're in real trouble". Now, here's the thing, Masha Gessen told me to be the hysteric in the room, and now I think is a really good time to be the hysteric. A President who's own senior staff admits he is not fit for office (we don't have time to get into why this article is a whole new level of terrifying)  is being allowed not one, but two Justices on the Supreme Court. Two people supposedly in line enough with President Trump's agenda for him to pick them, now have a lifetime appointment (granted Kavanaugh has not been appointed yet, but they supposedly have the votes) to vote on laws about women's bodies, LGBT issues, voter suppression, racial equality, the environment, the economy, and so much more. 

Here's what I saw, the democrats calling for a roll call vote to adjourn. Three republican senators recused themselves so the Judiciary Committee was 8 GOP to 10 dems. Grassley ignored the requests multiple times before saying no. All the while there are screaming women begging them to stop the hearing who are being dragged out by police. They spoke often about the constitution, but not about silencing the people who are afraid for their lives, and the lives of their loved ones. 

We are all tired. We are all marching towards the midterm elections, but we are tired. We've gotta stay awake for this one, because if it feels like we are going to be working the rest of our tired lives to undo the mess this administration has already created, imagine what it'll feel like with two lifetime appointees to the highest court. 

Call your senators about Kavanaugh. Vote in November.