how the hell do we respond to this with work?

I wrote a long time ago that I felt that for a while nothing was going to matter, and then everything was going to matter at once. I think we might be swinging readily into the latter. I've been trying to decide what to write about all day, I am extremely distracted by our democracy's impending demise, but I'm going to try to write through it anyway. It is feeling extremely apocalyptic at the moment. Like the grab as many canned goods as possible kind of thing and if the hurricane's don't take you hope that it's not the lack of healthcare that does. 

Anyway, Art, right. How the hell are we supposed to respond to this with work? Everything I come up with (at least I have ideas now right?) feels kind of trite. I feel like I need another art education, with professors to tell me how the hell to respond to this with work. Or a complete news wipe (which is not going to happen) so I can can concentrate just on work and making work. It's a wild ride to be so full of other information that there's just no room left for doing anything with it. 

The sketchbook is my friend right now. I think that's what I'm going to have to stick with for a while, it's like going back to square one. Reviewing what I was taught in college but with the frame of 2018 around it is I think my only answer. The transition moment for me was odd, I stopped working for MSU in 2016. I think what I need is a really good contemporary art history update. I don't go to enough galleries. I don't see enough work. 

Also this seems like this is going to be a central theme to these blog posts. Which makes sense because of the chaos that we're in, and the lack of formal preparation that I feel I have for it. So I guess thats you're official warning on that.