This is mostly about the weather.

This is my favorite weather, it's pretty specific. Right before or right after a storm. The pressure changes so the world gets quiet. The calm before the storm. I love it in the winter before a snow storm, or immediately after it ends. Something always draws me to that silence. It is a joy to walk around in, and I love having brief encounters with the other people who are venturing outside right before they are sure to be stuck inside for a while. Then there's those of us who like to venture out as soon as it's finished to poke around before life starts again. I like pauses, breaths in my day, and a storm that keeps us all inside for a day is a pause, but right before and right after there's a burst of life. I like to live in that burst for a minute. I also like the idea of bracing for and coming out of a storm, there's some discomfort on both ends for sure. The temperature drop does not hurt the matter either, I am made for the clouds and the cold. 

Today was good. It was a good day.