Signs and Chaos

It’s been a while friends, the last few weeks have been a whirlwind, I am sitting on an entry but it feels too vulnerable to share at the moment, maybe someday when I’ve honed it down to the perfect words. I’m an avid believer in ripping open wounds for art, but only when you’re ready.

For now you get a very tired not at all thought out post so godspeed.

I’ve been thinking a lot about signs lately, and that’s weird for me because I don’t believe in things coming out of the woodwork to push a person in one way or another. However I do think our brains start looking for patterns when we’re at a crossroads personally, maybe that’s an atheist’s cop-out to something they don’t understand, maybe it’s the same thing as believing in some sort of spiritual guide, maybe it’s not. I’m not here to argue religion. The reason that I’ve been thinking about signs from above or around is because if I were a believer in them I’d be extremely excited at this moment of my life because somebody is trying to tell me something, and the message is not subtle, which of course frustrates me because I subscribe to the Michelle McNamara “it’s chaos, be kind” theory. I don’t think there is a rhyme or reason to this universe or even this lifetime.

I know I’m being obtuse, because I don’t want to talk about what I’m talking about, but as always for some personal accountability I’m putting it in black and white.

It’s a short entry back, I’m hoping to get back to working more consistently here soon. I’ve been writing but it’s not for here at least not yet. It feels good to have a few projects up in the air even if they aren’t done or close to done.


hope all is well