Process 4

What a weird freedom not having to work for a few days, I’ve made more art than I have in a long time. I think I have more of an idea of what I want. It’s strange to know that a little forced vacation can turn a whole process on its head. For one thing I’m genuinely interested in being social, and therefore making work has become more of a social experience, even creating alone with community around you makes a huge difference. I’ve been making decisions without thinking for these watercolor pieces I’m doing, just grabbing what I instinctually go towards, I like the challenge, I like the lack of control. I do so many things with such exactness and purpose, why not experiment with something a little looser, a little less controlled.

Writing on the other hand has me stumped, I am in a weird place, as my life on the outside is good, but I’ve got a little dark cloud following me around. Much of it is pushed away through talking or writing or making art but it is exhausting. I think part of it is knowing I won’t be as productive once I go back to being full time. I love making things, and I want the energy to make things no matter what I’ve been up to. This house has some of that, I think I need to feel it a little bit more. Spend a bit more time sitting in the quiet.

I go back to work soon, I am sore and bruised but okay, here’s to never doing this again!