between slurred words
and broken sentences
the child in me
always wanted more
more time, more guidance
less permission just to be
that good kid
that reliable kid
that adventurous kid
that broken kid
i was brought into this world
slowed down by the monster
that would eventually overtake
my body
my mind
my soul
our first encounter
you showed me that scars
tell stories
like the one on your hands
and the roadmaps I've drawn on my skin
you said true love could only beat
what the curse on us
but I never found love appealing
i'm selfish like that I suppose
it was brought to us
something we could go through together
something we could go through when we parted
a generation separated by self hatred
and miscommunication
now I drown that curse
with slurred words and manic dreams
dreams of finding love like what you showed me
you drown your monsters with more innocent things
distractions and sleeping
maybe someday we'll find each other floating
on a lifeboat bringing us to peace