In Defense of Tears

"A doctor once told me that I feel too much,
I said so does god that's why you can see
the grand canyon from space" 

-Andrea Gibson

When I was young I was in a room and the music that was playing was so incredibly sad that I started crying, without any knowledge about what the words really meant or the reason why that particular order of words touched my soul at that particular time. I was crying for no reason and therefore was embarrassed, but my dance teacher pulled me aside and held me tight for the first and only time and told me to hold on to that emotion. Keep that pure reaction for as long as you can. And as most grown ups of course I have lost the ability to access that visceral reaction that I had so close to me, when being embarrassed was a thing that I could still shake off. Now instead of those beautiful tears younger me could access there is nothing, or the something that does happen is instead exposed as anger or sadness, but nothing pure. My default emotion is a mildly angry nothing. I miss being sensitive, I miss the idea that I can cry without feeling shame. At what point do we teach our children that being sensitive is a sign of weakness? Instead those who can feel deeply enough to shed tears whether because of overwhelming circumstances, sadness, loss, happiness, fear, or from nothing. Why not celebrate the humanness and strength of tears and the strength in vulnerability, and let yourself or your children cry and be proud because the tears prove you are human and you have the ability feel something. As an adult I miss the ability to feel too much. There are few things in this world as beautiful as someone who feels too much.